"a lost young woman wanders in the park... she doesn't know it but she'll have to face the death"

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Official Selections
Tiempo Sur Film Festival

HD - 6'
Cast: Estelle Bajou y Arthur French
Directors: Pau Camarasa & Alex Lora
Screenplay: Salva Rubio
Producers: Pau Camarasa, Javier Camarasa & Alex Lora
Assistant production: Ana Asensio
Cinematographers: Niav Conty & Pau Camarasa
Sound: Marcin Tyszka
Make up: Shauna Kay-hinds
Edition: Pau Camarasa & Alex Lora
Special thanks:
Celina Sze & the Mayor's office of Film and Entertaintment of NYC.
John Martínez and the Operations Department of the Central Park Conservancy

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