The Fourth Kingdom // El Cuarto Reino

-Short film, 14'
-Directed by Adan Aliaga & Alex Lora
-Produced by Isa Feliu, Carmen Vidal, Adan Aliaga and Alex Lora
-Jaibo Films, Mister Marshall Films and Mailuki Films


The Fourth Kingdom is the kingdom of plastics, a redemption center in NY for immigrants and underdogs where the American Dream becomes possible indeed. Through the stories of Rene, a Mexican immigrant who can't go back to his country as a loser; Pier, an African-American guy who has found happiness in the social stigma; Eugene, a disabled man who has spent 40 years in the streets; and Walter, a mysterious person who came walking from El Salvador... we revisit this particular planet and their inner worlds.

Short film (english subtitles)

Shotrt film (spanish subtitles)

-Feature documentary version in progress, 80'

Download Dossier

Documentary teaser (10 minutes)

TV segment

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